This the business logo that I did for West Hills Mini Storage. I did win but I was one of the runner ups and it came out the way I wanted so overall I did good I think.

This is my choir poster that I did for Graphic Design II. When I was making this all I thought was "choir" so hopefully I expressed that well.

This is my lipsync poster that I did for Graphic Design II.  I really don't have much to comment on this one.

For our my first assignment in Graphic Design II, we were asked to design our own logos. On the left you will see mine. We were supposed to my something out of our intials. My was ER. I could have used my nickname but in the end I used my real name because it was more formal. I came up with on the bus one day and I thought it would be cool. I then messed around with Adobe Illustrator for a bit and came up with the result. It was a bit difficult to find the right font.

    About The Author

    I'm Manny and this is my personal website. This is where you see my various
    assignments from Graphic Design and Graphic Design II. Hopefully, you enjoy the
    time you spend here. As you could've already guessed, I am artist. I been
    drawing ever since I was little. At this point, I don't I could ever get tired
    of it. I spend my free time drawing and messing with my computer.


    February 2013